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What’s New

Brand New Mystery Project!

Wellesley Needlepoint is so excited to offer this Mystery Workshop!

A workshop with a twist!!  A  great Meredith Collection design full of fantastic threads, stitches and techniques…plus the element of surprise!
You’ll receive this canvas design of four charming, seasonal doorway, stitch guide and threads in four installments. The first one will ship on April 27th, you can happily stitch away on the first doorway while you anticipate what’s in store for the others!  Your kits will arrive every 8 -10  weeks with fun new threads and exciting stitching ideas in the stitch guide!
Canvas measures 13 1/2″ x 8 1/2 ” and is stitch painted on 18 mesh.

BONUS!  You may have your name painted on the canvas (instead of Welcome)  to make it a personalized sign!!

Cost: $390
Custom Painted Name: $30

This workshop is available to everyone from anywhere but if you are local and would like to get started
with a fun gathering, we are offering a kick off party as well!

Kick off Party Date:  Friday, April 27th
Time:  10 – 12:30

Call 781-235-2477 To sign up or order on-line at Doorways Mystery Workshop

Celebration Young New Designers
Trunk Shows – April 2018

Wellesley Needlepoint is so excited to have the designs of a number of new young designers that are making a splash in the needlepoint world.  These girls are bringing new ideas and energy to the art of needlepoint and introducing a whole new generation with fun and whimsical designs.  We are thrilled to have their canvases here to share with our customers and welcome this new talent!

Pewter & Pine

Tess Nagle brings her clever designs to the shop at the end of March, previously part of Tess & Thorn, Tess has keep the tradition of wonderful # canvases and more!  Come see the whole collection and save 15% on the canvases.  Select the link to the right to view their collection.

A Poore Girl Paints

Amy Poore designs will tickle you with cheer and sparkle –  Loads of sayings, team spirit and bubbles to make anyone smile!  Come see the whole collection and save 15% on the canvases.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint

Purses, bracelets and cases oh my!  Rachel has been busy creating wonderful new canvases that will thrill most any stitcher!  Come see her whole collection and save 15% on the canvases.

New Workshop Schedule is up!

Bullion Knot Mini Workshop

Stop in for a quick mini-workshop and learn how to create beautiful Bullion knots!  Don’t let this stitch keep you from making perfect  knots.  It’s not as hard as you think and we will work one on one with you to help you  master it.   This stitch makes  outstanding hair, eyebrow, mustaches and tails or use it in trees, bushes, garlands or flowers – the possibilities are endless!


Date: Tuesday, March 20th
1 pm  – 2:30  pm 
We provide: 
6” x 6” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars
Bullion needle, threads and instruction

Cost: $30

(this workshop is in development  – photo to come shortly)

Open Backgrounds Workshop

Have you always wanted to try using the stitches that are “open”, so that the painting on the canvas shines through?  This is the class for you!  We will explore all the different ways to make your stitching light and airy using open stitches like the darning and trame stitches and much more!

Date: Saturday, March 24th
Time:  10 – 12:30
We provide: 8”x8” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars An assortment of threads and instruction

Cost: $55

Introduction to Beading Workshop

Introduction to Beading on Needlepoint!

Create sparkling canvases by adding Beads to your needlepoint. If you’ve never done any beading, this is the class for you!  You will learn about the different sizes of beads and some of the accessories that make your work easy.  Learn the different stitches that you can use with beads and when to use them!

Date: Friday, April 13th
Time:  10 – 12:30
We provide: 8”x8” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars An assortment of beads, thread, tweezers & a beading mat

Cost: $65

Shading Technique Mini Workshop

Stop in for a quick, one hour mini-workshop and learn how to create beautifully shaded areas in your needlepoint.  We will be learning how to make a super smooth transition from one thread color to another to make animals, skies, coats or whatever shaded area you have shine!


Date: Saturday, April 14th
10:30 am  – 11:30  pm 
We provide: 
6” x 6” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars
Three colors of thread, needles, and instruction

Cost: $30

The Great Outdoors Workshop

Expanding on our Beyond Basketweave class, we are introducing a workshop that will focus on our favorite stitches for skies, grass, water, trees  and much more!  This class is still in development but will be a big hit so sign up soon!

Date: Tuesday, April 24th
Time:  10 am  – 12:30 pm
We provide: 8”x 8” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars An assortment of threads and instruction

Cost: $60

(this class is still in development, photo to come soon)

New School Spirit Canvases

Do you have a student graduating or want to honor a student from years past?  These ornaments are designed exclusively for us by a local painter.  They can come with any date that you like on them and stitch up quickly.  You can have them finished as an ornament, paperweight or even in the center of a pillow!