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Free Learning Videos

Welcome to the Wellesley Needlepoint Collection’s Learning Center.  The staff is excited to help you improve your needlepoint by mastering older skills and learning new techniques.  We’ve offered three free videos below – please feel free to view them to learn how to do the continental,  basketweave stitch or knots stitch.

If you like these videos and would like to learn more, check out our Cyber Workshops at CYBER WORKSHOPS
When you purchase a workshop, you will receive a package of threads & canvas along with instructions and a password to access the video portion of the workshop.

Needlepoint Basics & the Continental Stitch

In this you will learn how to thread a needle, start your project, do a waste knot and the continental stitch.  You’ll learn to
change to a different color of thread and stitch on painted canvas.

The Basketweave Stitch

This video will help will teach you the basic basketweave stitch, how to “read” the canvas and
create smooth basketweave stitches and backgrounds.

French & Colonial Knots

Learn the difference between these two knots and how to create them both.