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Layers of Leaves Stitch Club

Needlepoint Now magazine is partnering with local needlepoint stores for a year long stitch club!

Wreath made up of 60 leaves each with a different stitch and comprised of a variety of threads

Workshop begins in January, 2023 and runs for the entire year

In January, each stitcher will be given blank canvas, the thread packet and a template to use for making the leaf shape.  The stitcher will need to purchase the latest edition of Needlepoint Now (unless they already subscribe) as that is where the stitches for that installment of leaves can be found.  Then, in March, the stitcher will receive more canvas and will need to purchase the newest edition of Needlepoint Now in order to see the stitches used in the next installment. This repeats until the end of the year.

The cost of the workshop is $300; $150 deposit will be taken in December.  

The threads needed to stitch the green wreath pictured below are included in the cost of the workshop.  If the stitcher wishes to change threads, there may be an additional cost. 

The workshop provides instruction for self-finishing, but should the stitcher wish to use a finishing service, that cost will be separate from the workshop.

Email us at or call us at 781-235-2477 to register.