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Belt Finishing

You’ve worked hard to create a wonderful belt, we want to be sure it works as well as it looks!  In order to be sure it fits, we recommend you do all  the following before you bring it in to the shop.  We can not guarantee the belt will fit if we estimate the belt size based on pant size or belts size from a manufacturer.

Grab Rows:
All belts require 2 grab rows at the top and bottom edge.  This means that the finisher will roll over the top two rows and the bottom two rows of the work to “grab” them with the leather back.  If your motif goes right to the edge of the belt (for example the letter B in the belt below) you will lose the top of that motif.    Belts can be as thick or thin as you prefer, the leather finisher will taper the leather to fit the buckle that is used.



To insure the belt will fit properly, please determine the belt size.    The measurement that is needed is from the spot where the catch hits the buckle to the hole that is most frequently used.  This is the Example 1 in the diagram below.    If you are uncertain,  you may also bring in a belt that is used and we can measure it at the shop.


Stitching length requirement:
After you have determined the belt size you will need to be sure you have enough finished needlepoint to create the belt.  You will need the belt size minus 6″ of needlepoint stitched.  For example, if you need a 36″ belt based on the measurements above, you will need to have at least 30″ of stitched length.  (It is okay if you have more then 30″.)