Store Hours: 10AM-2PM Mon-Fri (Closed Saturdays through Labor Day)
In-store Policy: Are you vaccinated? If yes, you do not need to wear a mask in the store
Email for remote orders/requests
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Finishing Process During COVID-19

We will now accept finishing, strictly adhering to both social distancing guidelines and the following process:

  1. Customers will complete their own Finishing form. See below for instructions.  Forms can either be downloaded and printed or obtained from a folder mounted outside the shop door.  Like pieces (ex. all ornaments) can share a form, but be sure to clearly describe which fabrics are for which piece.  Download the Finishing Form.
  2. Customers will complete the Credit Card Information form.  Download the Credit Card Information Form.  Note: If you are submitting multiple pieces of finishing at the same time, you only need to complete the Credit Card Information form once.
  3. Attach both the Finishing form and Credit Card Information form to your canvas and deliver it to the store either via mail or by delivering it to our greeter at the front of the store M-F 10:00AM-2:00PM.  Only one customer in the front section of the store at a time, otherwise please wait outside.

We recommend you take a picture or make a photocopy of your Finishing form.

Finishing deposits will be taken, as follows: $50 for an ornaments and belts, $125 for a small/medium pillow, and $200 for larger pillows and stockings.

Finishing Form Guidelines

Finishing StylesPillow, ornament, stocking, standup, door hanger, brick cover, tallis bag, eyeglass case…Photos of different finishing styles are included below, and models are on display in the store window.

Fabric Selection:
Solids: Velveteen, Moiré Silk, and Raw Silk – Extensive solid colors are available; A sample swatch of each type is displayed in the store window and pictured below.  We will be selecting the solid colors of velveteen, moiré and raw silk for you.  Please let us know which threads in your piece you hope to match.  Please give us two choices.  For your safety and ours, we cannot work with customers to go through the fabrics together and there are too many colors in these fabrics for us to display.

Patterns: Taffeta – Several patterns are available; All swatches are displayed and numbered in the store window and pictured on the website.  Taffetas are typically used for the backing on ornaments, lining of stockings, and to fabricate pillows.

If two fabrics are requested (as in a stocking which will have a lining and a backing), list both and which is to be fabricated where on the piece.

Self-welt: Welt trim using fabric, either the same as the rest of your piece, or a contrasting one.
Twisted Cord: Customized welt created using multiple strands of threads to match your piece.  Can be solid or using up to three colors.  You can specify or leave it up to the finishers.
View additional trim options, such as Loopy Fringe and Ruffles in the pictures below and in the store window.

If desired, indicate text or initials, style (block or italic), and color (tone-on-tone or contrast).

Use the same finishing form, but indicate in the notes the following information: Desired leather colors (choices pictured below), buckle metal (solid brass or silver-toned), and the desired size, following the measuring instructions within our Belt Finishing Instructions.

Solid Fabric Gallery (Examples Only – Numerous Colors Available!
Indicate the color in your stitching you want to match and we will select for you. Please list two options.

Patterned Fabric (Taffeta) Gallery

Pillow Styles Gallery
Pillows require a fabric choice for the backing and inset (if desired).

Ornament Styles Gallery
Unless an ornament is two sided, a Backing fabric selection is needed. Stocking ornaments require two fabric selections: Backing fabric and a Lining fabric.

Stocking Styles Gallery
Stockings require two fabric selections: Backing fabric (usually Velveteen) and a Lining fabric (usually Moiré silk).

Stand Up Styles Gallery
Stand Ups require a fabric selection for the base and backing.

Door Hanger Styles Gallery
Door Hangers require a fabric choice for the backing and inset (if desired).

Belt Styles Gallery
Belts require a leather choice and a buckle finish choice.