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Americana Bear

Sam, The AMERICANA BEAR is Here!

The stitchers here at The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection are a  close knit group.  We have many differences but are all the same in our love of gathering together and stitching.  In the summer of 2016, we were brainstorming about a stitching project that would interest us all and that we could offer to stitchers across the country.  We went back and forth with many ideas but could not land on one.  Throughout all of these conversations, our New England Bear was sitting quietly on the sidelines with a smile on his face.

Suddenly it hit us, we love the New England Bear, why not do an Americana Bear that we could share with stitchers from all over the country!!  We started selecting images from all over the country and our bear came to life!  Sam, the Americana Bear,  takes a journey to the south with flamingos and a beach, a trip down memory lane with an image of a drive-in movie, spends a summer in the mountains with a lake and an eagle flying over head, heads west to the Golden Gate bridge and of course there are iconic images of an ice cream sundae, a cheeseburger, an apple pie and what’s more all-American then a checkered table cloth and a picnic basket.  Let us not forget bicycles with flower baskets and white picket fences, lighthouses, the Liberty Bell, a baseball and of course, Uncle Sam!

We became more enthusiastic and enchanted with our creation and the excitement continued as we came together as a group to stitch the bear who we’ve named Sam (of course!)  19 pieces in all, threads, stitches and ideas were shared and Sam finally came to life!

We’re pleased, proud and overjoyed to share him with you.  He comes with a detailed stitch guide for each piece of the design.  Sam offers you fun, creativity and in an heirloom in the making!

All 19 pieces are stitch painted on 16 mesh canvas.  He measures about 13″ tall and 15″ wide when he is finished.  We have finishers that are standing by ready to finish him for you!

The stitch guide is a spiral bound notebook with colored photos of the finished sections and detailed diagrams and instructions to make your Bear as fabulous as the one you see here!

Also available is a great thread kit which includes new and interesting threads like over-dyed, metallic, straw silk, beads, soy luster and well as more traditional silks, cottons and wool.

Please call the shop to bring Sam to your home or purchase him on-line at Our Store

Front & Back of Sam

Arms & Legs of Sam

Ears of Sam

Stitch Guide for the all 19 Parts!

We’ve created a very detailed stitch guide with stitch diagrams and everything you need to make your Bear look every bit as wonderful as the one you see here.  Below are some example of the stitched parts of the Bear.  Of course, every guide is just that, a guide.  You may make your Bear exactly how you would like – have fun creating your own heirloom!