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For over 20 years, The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection has offered stitchers the largest selection of hand painted canvases, threads, and needlepoint accessories in the area.  We are a full service shop with a staff of experienced, knowledgeable stitchers who are happy to assist you with thread selection and to suggest stitches, ideas and techniques to bring your needlepoint canvas alive.  Once your piece is stitched, we have access to finishers who can transform your piece into a pillow, an ornament, a framed piece, etc.  The finishing ideas are endless.  We have on-going stitching groups every morning of the week and once a month on Saturdays.   Our staff offers mini workshops throughout the year and we bring in national teachers for exciting, special project workshops several times a year. 

Our Staff

Cindy left a 20 year career in book publishing and decided to indulge her lifelong love of stitching by opening a needlepoint store.  23 years later, she’s still at it and has never looked back!  Needlepoint is such an evolving, passionate, colorful and creative industry and Cindy is delighted that The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection has been a part of all the wonderful components of this needleart.

Genevieve has been here for almost the entire life of the store and is a friend and consultant to everyone!  Her knowledge of threads, stitches, and finishing are invaluable to us all.  “General” Genevieve is a fixture here and you can find her here on Monday, Thursday (she runs the Thursday morning stitching session) and many a Saturday.

Sandy had been a favorite customer and fellow retailer in Wellesley prior to joining the staff several years ago.  She is a beautiful and prolific stitcher and is more than ready, willing and able to help select a canvas, choose threads and stitches for a project or offer finishing idea.  Sandy is here every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and several Saturdays a month.

Ellen is a very gifted stitcher (you should see her ribbon flowers!) and a great resource to our customers – she loves to pull threads!  We use her organizational talents to help keep our threads chock full and with coordinating special projects like clubs and workshops.  Ellen also manages our social media, communicating via Facebook and Instagram for the shop.

Page came aboard to coordinate and advance our external communications.  She completely revised the web site, is communicating via Facebook and other social media, and working on ads and articles for industry and community publications.  Page was a favorite customer and is a splendid stitcher.

Susan comes from generations of stitchers and her passion for needlepoint started as a young child. After decades in the high tech industry, Susan opted out in search of a more creative path.  At the shop, Susan works both with customers and behind the scenes, and she loves it when she shares a shift with her co-worker Amos.

We are thrilled to welcome Kerrie as the newest member of our team.  Kerrie learned to stitch at The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection!  Fifteen years later, she is a magnificent stitcher and has crafted some of our stitch guide models.  This, plus her law degree and her crazy good organizational skills, are a boon for the shop.  Kerrie’s initial focus will be on clubs and trunk shows.

Amos joined The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection team when he was 8 weeks old and has lived up to the adage:  “it’s a dog’s life” ever since. Although he is Cindy’s dog, he is walked by Sandy, listens to Genevieve’s daily nuggets of wisdom, gets treats from Ellen and Susan, and is getting some “behavior modifications” from Page. Although he is a lousy stitcher, he is a loved and welcome addition to the store.

Visiting Teachers

Vicki was a store owner and now teaches her classes here at our store and other locations as well.  She has a very talented group of followers and is wonderful stitcher with years and years of experience.  See our Classes tab for details on joining her classes.