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Holiday Hours: Closing at noon on Saturday, Dec 23rd - reopening Tuesday, Jan 2nd
Happy Holidays

What’s New

Christmas Finishing is Arriving Every Day!

Don’t panic if you’ve not gotten your Christmas finishing yet – we GUARANTEE if you got it to us by September 1st, it will be here in time!  We get a new box almost every day, unpack and call our customers right away – so check your answering machines!

Holiday Hours Changes

Saturday, December 23rd     9:30 am – 12 noon

Sunday, December 24th – Monday, January 1st
CLOSED for Vacation

Happy Holidays!

Beads, Beads, Beautiful Beads

We have new Beads on our bead wall – check out the  Tila Beads, Bugles and a wider range of colors in the size 15 and 11 beads.  In addition to our new line of beads you’ll find a wider assortment of accessories and tools that make beading easier.   We also have sample cards that you can browse to order any additional colors you may want to order –  Come check it out!

Introduction to Beading Workshop

Create sparkling canvases by adding Beads to your needlepoint. If you’ve never done any beading, this is the class for you!  You will learn about the different sizes of beads and some of the accessories that make your work easy.  Learn the different stitches that you can use with beads and when to use them!

Date: Tuesday, January 27th
Time:  10 – 1
We provide: 8”x8” 18 mesh canvas on stretcher bars An assortment of beads, thread, tweezers & a beading mat

Cost: $65

Beyond Basketweave is Coming Back!

Beyond Basketweave

Come spend a morning with us learning many of the tricks of the trade and some new stitches from our staff.
Have you been stitching for awhile but never gotten beyond the tent stitch or basketweave?  This class will introduce you to decorative stitches, help you choose when to use them and teach you some basics – using laying tools & stretcher bars, how to strand and store thread and much more!

Date: Tuesday, January 16th
Time: 10 – 1
We provide: 8”x8” 13 mesh canvas on stretcher bars
Needle and Instructions

Cost: $60